Empowering and advocating for local tour guides around the world.

We aim to bring inspiration and innovation to the tour guide profession* by creating a space to gather, forge connections, and share our collective experiences.

 *Including Tour Leaders, Walking Tour Guides, Trekking Guides, Docents, etc…

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What we do.

Our general work


While it’s undeniable that guides are the most important part of any tour, they rarely have representation in the larger industry where decisions, which often effect them directly, are made.

One of our main projects is the ‘Work-in-Progress’ Charter (coming soon), a place for guides to submit support, rights, and benefits they wish they had, showing what guides truly want and need around the world. From the community, for the community.


Through our programming we aim to get guides together, either in person or virtually, so that they can forge relationships and business connections.

Guides can join our virtual community here.


We create and promote learning opportunities for guides to continually improve their craft and industry knowledge.  Guides should be at the forefront, pushing for innovation as the larger travel industry evolves.

One major vehicle for this is our Flagship project, Guide Week, piloted in collaboration with the Guides Association of NYC in May 2021 (with over 400 guides from around the world in attendance).

Meet the doers.

Nikki Padilla Rivera- Trip Kinetics

Nikki believes that you can make tours better for customers by making them better for guides.

She has worked across the tours & activity sector from NYC tour guide and a multi-day tour leader to tour designer for two multi-day start-up operators, and running the Guide Program at Intrepid Urban Adventures (working with 160+ local operators around the world totaling 1500+ guide).

She also does her best to simplify Responsible Travel by talking about it without all the fancy buzz words and writes about all things tour guides, guide training and experiences on her site Trip Kinetics.

By day, she designs multi-day experiences with the stellar Trips Programming team at Atlas Obscura.

Mitch is the co-founder of TripSchool, which offers tour guide training programs for individuals and operators, as well as coaching and support for newer tour businesses.

He’s also the creator of Campfire, an online travel industry community.

He got his start as a local Paris guide during his studies in history and philosophy at the Sorbonne, and quickly gave up work as a philosophy professor to start his own tour company. Now he speaks at international events, leads workshops around the world for companies like Disney and Globus, and is the author of four books. He lives in DUMBO, Brooklyn.