Welcome! The Global Guide Alliance is a space for guides across the world to grow professionally, forge connections and share our collective expertise.

What we do


Museum Guides, Trekking Guides, Docents, Beer Guides, Driver Guides, Nature Guides…at the end of the day, we’re all the same, the face of travel representing our cities and cultures and influencing travelers through our work. And we can learn so much from one another, no matter how long we’ve been doing it.


Guides, the face of the travel industry, are often left out of the main decision making. We believe guides are the most important piece of the puzzle and want to make sure they always have a voice.


The best guides never stop growing. There is always something more to learn, a new niche to dive in to, more current information to refresh with. This is a place to learn, to help guides become well-rounded in their skillset.

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Coming Soon • Guide Growth Series

Refresh and Reinvigorate Your Tours!

A 4-hour live training event to re-energize your passion for leading and operating tours.

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Coming Soon • Guide Growth Series

The Power of the Tour Guide

To be a tour guide is to be an educator, an entertainer, and an ambassador to your city or country. Learn how you can take advantage of this power and influence travelers.

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