We empower and advocate for local guides around the world.

Tour guide. Tourist guide. Docent. Tour leader. Whatever you call yourself, Global Guide Alliance aims to help professional guides by creating a space to learn, connect, and share our collective experiences.



Guides are the most important part of any tour, but they rarely have representation in the larger industry where decisions, which often effect them directly, are made.

We aim to be a voice for guides where you have none, and to understand our profession’s collective goals and struggles.


Through our programming we aim to gather guides so they can forge relationships and business connections.

Guides can join our virtual community here.


We create and promote learning opportunities for guides to continually improve their craft and industry knowledge.  Guides should be at the forefront, pushing for innovation as the larger travel industry evolves.

One major vehicle for this is our Flagship project, the Global Guide Summit, piloted as GuideWeek in May 2021 (with over 400 guides from around the world in attendance).

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Join us for the 2022 Global Guide Summit!

MAY 16-18, or Watch Recordings Any Time

It’s back! Our annual virtual conference is once again happening in May! Whether you can join live or watch the recordings, it’ll be a powerful few days of learning and connection, which attracted over 400 guides from around the world last year.



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