Empowering and advocating for local tour guides around the world.

The Global Guide Alliance creates spaces for those across the industry who want to grow professionally, forge connections, and share their collective expertise.

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We create and promote learning opportunities for guides to continually improve their craft and industry knowledge.

One major vehicle for this isĀ Guide Week, piloted in collaboration with the Guides Association of NYC in May 2021.

Over 400 guides from around the world attended virtually.

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Guides are rarely at the table where decisions, which often effect them directly, are made.

One of our main projects is a ‘work-in-progress’ Charter, a place for guides to submit support, rights, and benefits they wish they had, showing what guides truly want and need around the world. From the community, for the community.

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Through our programming we aim to get guides together, either in person or virtually, so that they can forge relationships and business connections.

Guides can join our virtual community here.


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