The Wage Project

for tour guides and trip leaders

For the first time in our industry, we are collecting information on wages earned by tour guides, trip leaders, tour managers, and docents around the world.

Why are we doing this?

The live map is currently in progress.  Contributors will be alerted when the map goes live.

Submit your tour earnings here.

Your submission is 100% anonymous. If you are a tour guide, please submit a report for each different kind of tour that you do (private tour, student step-on, etc.). If you are a tour manager, you can submit per tour, or as an average for each kind of tour you lead (New England Fall Foliage, London—Paris—Rome, etc.).

Wage Project

Day Tours

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Submit a new report for each type of day tour that you do.

Multi-Day Tours

Tell us about your multi-day tour. This can either be entered PER tour or as an average of a similar tour you do frequently.

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