Support tour guides around the world by sponsoring the Summit!

Join us for Meet the Tour Operator Day.

Whether you’re a tour operator, or an industry business looking to get in front of guides (from booking platforms to apps looking for tour content creators, etc.), the Global Guide Summit has an entire day dedicated to showing your off to 400+ guides around the world.

There’s no cost to participate but spots are limited (unless you’d like to purchase an enhanced ticket).

Consider sponsorship.

Get in front of local tour guides around the world and have your brand visible as a supporter of an event meant to empower guides.

Sponsorship perks will continue to live on the site long after the event as guides return to watch event recordings, interact with each other, and update their profiles.  Past sponsors include tour operators, services providers, and brands.

Meet the Tour Operator FAQ

The Global Guide Summit is a global event meant to help local tour guides everywhere learn about and make new contacts as the return to travel continues.

Do I have to be "hiring" guides right now?

No, not at all.

This day is meant to be a space for guides to get to know the different companies that are out there. There is no pressure to hire.

What kinds of companies can attend?

This event is geared towards companies that work with local tour guides: tour operators, DMCs, online marketplaces, OTAs, reservation technology companies, virtual tour companies, etc.

We also encourage other companies who aren’t “tour operators” but are looking to hire from a pool of locals that know their city well such as apps looking for travel content creators.

How does recruitment work?

Tour Operator Recruitment Ticket (free):

When you sign up- you’ll receive a link to choose your free 20-minute slot (spots are limited) for you to present to our attendees on May 18, 2022.


Tour Operator Enhanced Ticket ($50 USD).

When you sign up, you’ll be prompted to create a business profile which will be visible in our marketplace which guides can browse before, during, and after the Summit.

After the event both ticket holders will receive a link to the Guide Profile portal so you can browse guides if you have need in the future.

Ticket options
  • A 20-minute slot on Meet the Tour Operator Day only (May 18, 2022)- spots are limited
  • Your logo with other Tour Operators on our site
  • Link to the guide portal after the Summit has ended
TOUR OPERATOR Enhanced ticket- $50 USD
  • One All Access ticket (includes Educational Days and tours)
  • An Enhanced Business Profile in the Tour Operator Marketplace that attendees can interact with before, during, and after the conference (including information on who you’re looking for and how guides can get in contact with you)
  • Link to the guide portal after the Summit has ended

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship allows for a greater level of visibility and prominence in front of attendees before, during, and after the conference.

How does sponsorship work?

Simply choose a participation level below, fill out the informational form, and we will follow up with more information.

Why should I sponsor?

When the travel industry suffers, guides suffer deeper as they are typically the ones left without any resources or networks. the Global Guide Summit is meant to empower them.

Beyond the opportunity to get in front of local guides all over the world, your company’s brand will be visible at an event designed to inspire and empower guides.

Sponsorship doesn't end after the event.

Your sponsorship perks will continue to live on the platform as guides return to watch event recordings, interact with each other, and update their profiles.

Last year saw 600+ rewatches of sessions alone which means over 600 more hits on a page with your logo after the conference ends.

Participation Levels

Bronze- $500 USD
  • One full conference ticket
  • Logo + link on our sponsor page
  • Feature of your video or photo advertisement throughout the conference
  • Business profile* that can be accessed before, during, and after the conference in our Services Marketplace
*If you are a tour operator you can opt instead for the a Business Profile in the Tour Operator Marketplace.
SILVER- $2,000 USD
  • Everything included with Bronze Level
  • Singular sponsorship for session of your choice “This session is presented by: X”
  • Option to open session with MC
Limit- 5 Silver Sponsors
GOLD- $3,000 USD
  • Everything included with Silver Level
  • A dedicated email feature on your company sent to all attendees pre-conference
  • Logo featured prominently with other Gold sponsors
Limit- 3 Gold Sponsors
  • Branding on after-hours tour promotion on all pre-conference communication
  • Exclusive branding on four tour “This tour is presented by: X”
Limit- 2 Tour Sponsors
Sponsor Request Form (#4)

Sponsorship Request

Please fill out the form below and we will get back to you with an invoice.


The 2022 Global Guide Summit is a virtual conference, taking place entirely online. It’s hosted on a platform called Campfire, where attendees can participate in sessions, network with other attendees and companies, and build their guide profiles.

We anticipate a predominantly North & South American and European audience to watch live, given the time zone of the schedule. However all guides will have access to all sessions and marketing even if they don’t attend live via access to the marketplaces and recordings.

Last year’s event had guides attend from Asia, the Middle East, and more.  And we have over 600 replays of recorded content.

Our attendees are local tour guides, tour leaders/directors, museum docents, trekking guides, content creators, and more.

In general you’ll find guides that attend the Global Guide Summit are actively looking to improve themselves, grow their skillset, modernize their profession, and be travel industry savvy.

The Global Guide Summit is organized and executed by the Global Guide Alliance.

All proceeds go back into the Global Guide Alliance to run future events and initiatives for guides.

We’d love for you to catch the sessions!

As a Sponsor or Tour Operator Enhanced ticket holder, you’ll have a full conference ticket which gives you access to the Education Days, Meet the Tour Operator Day and all after-hours activities such as tours.

If you can’t catch them live, all session recordings are available to view at your leisure after the conference has ended.

You can email us with any questions at; [email protected]