About the Global Guide Alliance

We believe guides should be constantly evolving and growing.  The Global Guide Alliance is a space for those across the industry who want to grow professionally, forge connections, and share our collective expertise.

We believe guides are the face of the travel industry.

Guiding is incredibly important work. We are educators, entertainers, influencers, and cultural ambassadors. Guides are the face of the travel industry and can make or break someone’s travel experience. We believe they deserve a place of importance within the travel industry.

A great guide understands there is always more to learn.  We hope to create a space where guides can connect, and share to raise the bar of guide-led experiences across the globe.

Who is this for?

GGA brings together guide-focused businesses, and all types of guides, whatever you choose to call yourself, and wherever you work. You may be a docent, educator, museum guide, tour guide, facilitator, tour director, expedition leader, but we’re all focused on the same goal: unlocking the magic and uniqueness of a place with our knowledge, experience and personality.

Who are we?

The Global Guide Alliance is a network of guides and guide-focused tour operators from across the world.

Founding Members

Thinking Museum

Thinking Museum design and facilitate training courses and workshops (online and in-person) for museum educators, guides, docents and learning practitioners in all aspects of guided tour techniques. Specialising in training courses and workshops for inquiry-based, interactive, visitor-led engagement techniques, including Claire’s own method of using ‘Visible Thinking in the Museum’.

Trip Kinetics

After seeing tourists ‘do NYC wrong’, Nikki Padilla became a tour guide, helping people fall in love with her city for over 9 years. For the past 5 years, Nikki was in charge of making sure 1000+ free-lance tour guides gave amazing and consistent experiences with Intrepid Urban Adventures. More importantly, she was an advocate for the guides at the global level. Her work helped Urban Adventures achieve an 81 average customer NPS and an 80 guide employee NPS.


TripSchool was founded by two tour operators and guides who wanted to raise the bar on what a travel experience can be. After nearly 20 years each in the industry, Mitch Bach and Alan Armijo teamed up to bring the types of trainings they did privately for companies to the general public. The result is a tour guide training organization that helps guides and tour companies improve and grow.